Reimbursement Mechanisms Essay Assignment Paper

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Reimbursement Mechanisms Essay Assignment Paper


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Please respond to the following 3 post with 100 words and one reference each

#1 Stephanie Rodriguez

Developing primary care within bigger medical systems continues to be largely a remote goal, affected by health system fragmentation and reimbursement mechanisms that don’t support a built-in method of primary care. The ease of access of primary take care of many Americans can also be limited. Nurses provide a way to increase use of top quality primary care. Because the U.S. extends the achieve of primary care, the dimensions and syndication from the nursing workforce and it is experience of the 5 essential aspects of primary care squeeze nursing workforce to reply to the nation’s primary care needs (Brown, 2015).

The Equal Pay Act mandates that nursing staff receive equal pay equal to operate in exactly the same in clinical setting and scope. There is no need the tasks are identical, but they ought to be substantially exactly the same. It’s the work content and never the job titles which see whether the roles are substantially exactly the same. Employers cannot pay unequal salaries to women and men who perform jobs that need equal skill, effort and responsibility and therefore are performed under similar working conditions inside the same establishment (Cassie & Nieto, 2018).

NPs are important to improving upon the care provided to communities across the U.S. Most condition laws and regulations don’t include physical closeness needs for supervising and collaborating physicians, allowing NPs to supply much-needed primary care in rural along with other underserved communities (Cassie & Nieto, 2018). The prosperity of healthcare delivery will need collaborative groups of physicians and nonphysicians to supply quality take care of individuals and populations with common and sophisticated healthcare needs using evidence-based guidelines and efficient types of collaboration.


Brown, B. (2015). Re-evaluating pay gaps in nursing practice. Contemporary Nurse Journal; 13(27), 120-139.
Cassie, B., & Nieto, G. L. (2018). Nursing perspectives for reimbursement: Medicare. Quarterly in Nursing Practice, 19(15), 351-366.

#2 Adianez hernandez

Calculating Your Worth

Some effective measures for APN strategic positioning regarding pay equalities is to ensure that personnel are paid based on their skills and experience. The measure will be important in showing that organizations are considerate. The higher the level of skills and experience of health professionals, it is possible for them to be given better remuneration. The concept is important in showing the professionals that they are cared for and held in high esteem (Pickard, 2014). The measure will, therefore, be important in boosting the image of an entity. Many people are likely to develop a positive idea of the organization based on the strategy which it has adopted. Essentially, it will have shown that it is interested in the welfare of all its personnel.

APNs should not position themselves as low-cost providers. The situation could expose them to the risk of being paid much less than what they are worth. Rather, it is necessary for them to consider the input which they stand to provide to facilities. The approach will enable them to be paid what they are actually worth. It will also enable them to attain a positive view of the health facilities (Pickard, 2014). They will attain the perception that they are treated with a great level of consideration. The methodology will work in their interest. As a result, it will be possible for them to consider the specific ways in which they could continue to bear a positive input to their organizations. The mechanism will enable them to be outstanding in the specific activities which they undertake. They will also be of great value to a large number of patients whom they serve at the facility.


Pickard, T. (2014). Calculating your worth: understanding productivity and value. Journal of the advanced practitioner in oncology, 5(2), 128.…

#3 Yulier Rodriguez-Medina

Evidence Based Practice in Leadership

In its milestone report, “Guarding Patients: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses,” the Institute of Medicine (IOM) gave a surprising reminder for nursing and social insurance leaders.1 Acknowledging the basic job of attendants in tolerant wellbeing, this comprehensive examination inferred that characteristic in the workplace of attendants are not kidding dangers to quiet security. The inescapability of these dangers is clear in key territories of the association.

To help social insurance pioneers manufacture and continue supplier commitment, we delve into the noteworthy effect of trust on execution—including demonstrations of trust between people, their companions and bosses. Much the same as a trapeze demonstration among fliers and catchers, an association’s prosperity depends on consistency and trust for a spectacular exhibition.

Proof based medication is the place these thoughts of proof based administration and proof based authority discover their foundations. Medication is (fortunately) founded on science. So for what reason would there be any need to begin discussing proof based medication? Aren’t specialists previously settling on proof based choices? In the late 1960s, a couple of specialists posed this inquiry, and went to the chilling acknowledgment that no, it was master based medication that was being polished.

Utilizing proof to settle on better choices and show signs of improvement results isn’t explicit to medication. Medication is only a unique circumstance. The executives is another setting for proof based practice. The Harvard Business Review started distributing articles on proof based administration in the mid 2000s, to a great extent activated by the distributing of Pfeffer’s and Sutton’s book. These creators begat the meaning of proof based administration.

It’s an ideal opportunity to begin a proof based development in the positions of supervisors. As a matter of fact, somehow or another, the test is more noteworthy here than in medication. (See the sidebar “What Makes It Hard to Be Evidence Based?”) The proof is more vulnerable; nearly anybody can (and regularly does) profess to be an administration master; and a dumbfounding cluster of sources—Shakespeare, Billy Graham, Jack Welch, Tony Soprano, military pilots, Santa Claus, Attila the Hun—are utilized to create the executives guidance. Directors looking for the best proof additionally face a more vexing issue than doctors do: Because organizations fluctuate so uncontrollably in size, structure, and age, contrasted and individuals, it is unmistakably progressively unsafe in business to assume that a demonstrated “fix” created in one spot will be compelling somewhere else.

It is one thing to accept that associations would perform better if pioneers knew and applied the best proof. It is something else to try that conviction. We acknowledge how hard it is for functioning administrators and officials to carry out their responsibilities. The requests for choices are persistent, data is deficient, and even the absolute best administrators commit numerous errors and experience consistent analysis and re-thinking from individuals inside and outside their organizations. In that regard, supervisors resemble doctors who face one choice after another: They can’t in any way, shape or form settle on the correct decision without fail. Hippocrates, the celebrated Greek who composed the doctors’ pledge, depicted this predicament well: “Life is short, the craftsmanship long, open door brief, test deceptive, judgment troublesome.”


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Smith, Richard, and Rennie, Drummond, “Proof based medication—an oral history”, BMJ, January 2014

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