PAC Resources Essay Assignment Paper

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PAC Resources Essay Assignment Paper


Question Description
Instructions: 5 Essay questions based on PAC Resources – worth 3 points each

Review the business-based scenario and answer the following 5 questions.Each response should be a minimum of 150 words and answer the questions completely.Your text book and lessons will provide you with the foundation of each question.I have included 4 references below that should be utilized.Please include additional resources if needed.

For full credit, you must use in-text citations throughout (citing each source) and a complete reference list .

Organization Website:

Mike Erwin never envisioned himself as a social entrepreneur or activist. Yet in 2012, he found himself the CEO of an organization with 15,000 members and 34 chapters reaching from Syracuse, NY to Houston, TX.

While Erwin was no stranger to leadership positions, his primary experience had been in large, structured organizations. In high school, he had been an athlete and student leader. That continued in college when Erwin gained a nomination and enrolled at the U. S. Military Academy (USMA) at West Point. He thrived in the highly regimented program offered by the school. Later, Erwin excelled in his assignments in the Army, garnering multiple awards and medals.

However, the founding and growth of Team Red White and Blue (Team RWB) had none of the characteristics of his previous endeavors. Erwin started the organization as an emotional gesture “to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.” Erwin’s enthusiasm and the organization’s mission caught on rapidly and Team RWB attracted media attention disproportionate to its size. With the acclaim, others joined in to form new chapters and Fortune 500 companies kicked in sponsorship money. In short order, despite being resource constrained and having no paid employees, the organization grew beyond anything that Erwin had envisioned. Without any intention to do so, Erwin accidently became an entrepreneur.

Back at his beloved West Point to teach, Erwin started a run on a brisk day in November 2012 and found himself ruminating on the future of the organization and his place within it (see Exhibit 1 for Erwin and Team RWB Timeline). He was overjoyed with the success of the organization, but also recognized that Team RWB needed to be professionalized in order to scale. Erwin wondered whether he was the right person to continue to lead Team RWB. If he was not, how could the organization pivot and restructure without losing its momentum?

question 1

When you look at each individual from the Leadership Team, why do you think the organization shares personal experiences, personalities and even a picture of each team member?How is this similar to organizational leaders identifying MBTI results and sharing them with employees and stakeholders (internal and external)?

Question 2Describe three [3] key elements of the current Organizational Culture of Team RWB.If you were Mike Erwin, briefly describe how would you envision the culture to look like to you in 15 years (likely based on any long-term goals or strategies)?
question 3From the beginning of Team RWB until now, detail at least three [3] major Changes the organization has gone through.For EACH, explain (1) the before and after, (2) the impact or result from the change, and (3) your professional business opinion (based on this class and other experiences) on the changes.
Identify the Motivation behind both (1) Team RWB and (2) the Partners and Supporters for these relationships and question 4collaborations.Why does Team RWB seek such connections and what drives supporters to provide money, time, and other resources to Team RWB?
question 5Explain how groups and teams play an important role in Team RWB.Specifically, look at the Chapters and detail how they contribute to the success and growth of theorganization.

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